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Youth-led Tobacco Prevention for Southeast Asian Americans



Our case study presentation centers on a group activity that engages participants in considering the challenges that data collection in CBPR projects pose for institutional review boards, in particular the challenges of youth participatory research.  Participants will serve as a mock IRB committee to review our actual IRB submission materials for our YPAR project, followed by group discussion. After this exercise, participants should better understand the IRB review process; foresee potential challenges that may arise in presenting CBPR projects to IRBs; and have an increased awareness of issues regarding “human subjects” in CBPR projects



Juliet Lee

Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation

Sean Kirkpatrick

Community Health for Asian Americans



Juliet P. Lee, Senior Research Scientist, Prevention Research Center (www.prev.org) of the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation (www.pire.org). Trained in Anthropology, I have been conducting community-based research in environmental approaches to substance use and misuse at PIRE since 1999, including community-partnered research projects with CBOs serving Asian Americans, American Indian/Native Americans and U.S. Latinos. With Sean Kirkpatrick I was co-Principal Investigator on a pilot youth participatory action research project funded by TRDRP, and  we are currently working on a three-year full intervention study based on that pilot. Most of my publications are available for free via PubMed (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed?term=Lee%2C%20Juliet%20P).


Sean Kirkpatrick is Co-Interim Executive Director of Community Health for Asian Americans, where he designs and directs health equity, community engagement, community-based research, prevention and early intervention projects to improve behavioral health and community wellness. Trained in medical, urban and cultural anthropology, he conducted doctoral field research in Thailand and has participated in and co-directed numerous research and prevention projects addressing health issues among Asian Americans.


Presentation Materials

Community Health Survey 3 21 2013 DRAFT

Consent Assents

Full CARA IRB Initial Review Revised June 2012 (2)

Parent Consent

Photo Release Form CHAA

Tobacco Survey.pre-test


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