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 A Collaboration between HOPE SF and its Public Housing Communities, The Campaign for HOPE, San Francisco Department of Public Health, and San Francisco State University’s Health Equity Institute & Department of Health Education. In November 2011 HOPE SF and the Campaign for HOPE, the San Francisco Department of Public Health, and San FranciscoStateUniversity’s Department of Health Education and Health Equity Institute came together in a collaboration to further the development of strategies to address health issues facing HOPE SF public housing communities. HOPE SF is a public-private partnership led by the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing and the Housing Authority that focuses on the re-development of the most distressed public housing communities in San Francisco–  in particular, Alice Griffith, Hunters View, Potrero Terrace & Annex and Sunnydale. Our collaborative work seeks to illuminate how best to support the development and implementation of health strategies at all of the HOPE SF sites by bringing forward the voices of residents, program staff, key stakeholders and researchers in assessment, planning and strategy development.



 Jessica Wolin, MPH, MCRP

San Francisco State University


Emily Weinstein

BRIDGE Housing


Uzuri Pease-Greene

Jr.  Community Builder


Anne Griffith

Campaign for HOPE



Jessica Wolin, MPH, MCRP, is the Associate Director, Community Partnerships for HEI and the Director of Practice and Clinical Faculty in Health Education at San FranciscoStateUniversity. Ms. Wolin has 20 years of experience in public health program development, implementation and evaluation. Ms. Wolin has extensive experience providing technical assistance to CBOs, including facilitation, needs assessment, research design, CBPR approaches, and evaluation. She has served in leadership and consulting roles at the San Francisco Department of Public Health, Alameda County Public Health Department and numerous local non-profits working in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ms. Wolin is the co-founder of several critical community based public health initiatives including the Women’s Community Clinic, which  for over the past 10 years has served as the only free clinic for women in San Francisco, and the Alameda County Youth Commission which has been a voice for young people in policy making in Alameda County. At San FranciscoStateUniversity, Ms. Wolin combines teaching graduate public health students with development of campus-community partnerships in health. As the Director of Practice, Health Education Department she oversees Masters of Public Health students collaboration with organizations to conduct community based research projects and develop public health interventions. She teaches Community Health Assessment and Program Planning courses. She was appointed by the City of Berkeley City Council to serve as a Commissioner on the City of Berkeley’s Community Health Commission and is a member of the Health Advisory Board for the Boys and Girls Clubs of San Francisco. She was selected to participate in the inaugural class of the James Irvine Foundation Women’s Health Leadership Program and has served as a Board member of Health Through Art and the San Francisco Jewish Community Relations Council and as Field Faculty for the Coro Foundation, Fellowship and Exploring Leadership. Ms. Wolin earned an MPH and an MCRP from UC Berkeley where she was awarded the Henrik Blum Award for Distinguished Social Action


Emily Weinstein has over 12 years working in affordable housing and community development, including several years as a Project Manager for BRIDGE Housing Corporation. Emily has an interesting and varied background, having worked on political campaigns, education reform, and in social media. Prior to being hired as the Rebuild Potrero Director of Community Development, Emily worked for Green Dot Public Schools in Los Angeles doing community engagement and outreach in the New School Development Department.


Uzuri Pease-Greene – Current resident of Potrero Terrace, Uzuri Pease-Greene is a natural born leader responsible for outreaching and engaging residents in community building activities and positive opportunities.  Uzuri completed the HOPE SF Leadership Academy and continued to leverage her skills by joining the resident leadership board and participating in the community based SF SAFE and Leadership Skills workshop series.  Uzuri has recently returned to school to complete her Bachelor Degree.


Presentation Materials

CBPR Institute Case Study


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