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Community Collaboration for Healthy Food Access in Bay View Hunters Point, SF



The SEFA Food Guardians are a group of Bayview Hunters Point residents trained to educate, advocate, and mobilize to address community food security and justice, promote nutrition education and awareness, and support urban agriculture. The BVHP is the area in San Francisco that faces the greatest challenges in terms of healthy food access and that suffers from disproportionate rates of diet-related disease; the Food Guardians work to reduce these diet-related health disparities. The presentation will focus on the collaborative efforts in progress addressing the food disparities and its influence of food/ health policy for BHVH and the greater San Francisco area.


Christina Goette

San Francisco Department of Public Health

Kenneth Hill

SEFA Food Guardians

Jazz Vassar

SEFA Food Guardians

Antonia Williams

SEFA Food Guardians


Christina Goette, MPH, serves as a Senior Health Program Planner in the SF Department of Public Health and co-founded the Shape Up San Francisco Initiative. Shape Up SF focuses on policy and environmental prevention strategies, primary prevention using data-driven decision making, and creates opportunities for people to become more physically active and eat healthfully. Christina has served as a part time faculty member at San Jose State University’s Master of Public Health Program and on the Board of the Community Response Network. In 2008/2009, she served as Chair of the Bay Area Nutrition and Physical Activity Collaborative.

Kenneth Hill – Father, life-long Bayview Hunters View resident, student and SEFA Food Guardian- has been working to improve  the health of his family and community since his awakening to social justice issues at City College of San Francisco, where he earned his A.S in Health Science. He works to improve many circumstances low income families face through his work as a Food Guardian. Ultimately, Kenneth wants to level the playing field and improve health equity for all communities.

Jazz Vassar – Halting from So Cal, Jazz, a graduate of San Francisco State University with a B.S in Dietetics, recently accepted to SF State MPH program, resided in BVHP during her formative undergrad years. During her time at State she volunteered as peer nutrition counselor, where she empowered her peers to make healthy food and life style choices. Desiring a more hands on approach to preventive nutrition within the community, she joined the Food guardians, motivated to teach nutrition education with respect of culture and relevance.

Antonia Williams is a SEFA Food Guardian and a life – long Bayview Hunter’s Point resident. She has been working since the age of 12 to better her community. She has a strong background of working with community-based nonprofits, including the San Francisco Conservation Corps, where she was a Crew Leader, and Hunter’s point Family, where she was a youth leader for the local farmers market. She plans to go back to school to pursue a certificate for Community Health Workers and degree in Management.


Presentation Video


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